Since they first opened in 2017, they’ve managed to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome 1,200+ dogs who urgently need care. They welcome dogs from all over the United States but mainly prioritize those in South Texas. This is because South Texas has the highest euthanasia rate for all those in the United States. Many of their dogs have come straight from the shelter or streets, often on their way to having euthanasia. Doodle Rock Rescue provides their dog with a lot of medical care and behavioral training to place them in a loving new home.

Back then, they mainly operated from volunteers’ homes; however, today, they’re situated in a brick and mortar location in Carrolton, Texas. When he’s not saving dogs, Andy is one of our core writers and editors. Andy joined our team because he believes that words are powerful tools that can change a dog’s life for the better.

Their rescue facility consists of a small and large dog area, isolation, and animal intake area. They also care about the health of their dogs by having a 3.5-acre walking trail and an off-leash area. Mainly they rely on their directors and donations from their supporters. They’re also very careful about their placement by matching the Poodle’s personality to the owner’s personality.

This Poodle rescue also conducts vet reference checks and home visits before a dog is given a place. Moreover, they also ensure the dogs are spayed/neutered, given shots, tested for worms, and given worm prevention before going to their new homes. Needy Paws Rescue Shelter is not far from Texas, located in the adjacent state of Arkansas.

Adopting a dog with them can cost between $100-and $125 and involves a strict evaluation.