The adoption process involves a meeting with a pet, a conversation, and sometimes a visit to your home. Their adoption fee covers the dog’s animal care costs like vaccinations, spaying/neutering, microchipping food, etc. Their rescue facility consists of a small and large dog area, isolation, and animal intake area. They also care about the health of their dogs by having a 3.5-acre walking trail and an off-leash area.

poodle rescue texas

The rescue has survived from 1999 till now from community donations, personal funds, and a strong commitment to looking after Poodles. They live by their mission of rescuing, rehabilitation, and finding long-term homes for distressed Poodles. Overall, there’s one main dedicated Poodle rescue in Texas called Poodle Rescue of Houston.

The Enchanted Poodle Club is also incredibly knowledgeable about this breed, providing you with good advice on crate and behavioral training. Before sending any of their Poodles to a new home, they conduct a thorough evaluation. The Enchanted Poodle club has existed for over 50 years and is in one of Texas’s adjacent states, New Mexico. They mainly take in Poodles for rescue purposes, grooming, and looking after them to give them a new home. It’s not unusual for some of their Poodle rescues to have not received the proper training, been on a leash, or anything else. Moreover, they have small buildings strictly kept for administration, grooming, storage, and kenneling.

Most of the Poodles thee rescues have been surrendered by their former owner or found as stray. When adopting a Poodle from them, you will most likely pay an adoption fee and undergo a thorough check. Over the last 149 years, the Atlanta Humane Society has been rehoming and looking after dogs, especially Poodles.

They’re agile, energetic, hypoallergenic, great family dogs, and easy to be around. You can be spoilt for choice looking to buy a Poodle from a breeder, as you have three different types Standard, Miniature, and Toy. Creole Poodle Rescue fosters many dogs and rehomes them within South East Louisiana’s neighboring state. They’ve been running their nonprofit organization since 1956, and it all began with a group of Poodle enthusiasts. Originally, their members were strictly involved in entering Poodles for shows; however, they turned to recuse and public education as time went on. They also operate entirely off donations and no government funding.