Their short coats look like velvet against your hand when you stroke them. There are many new colors coming out with advances in breeding and DNA technology. Some breeders will only breed traditional colors, whereas we breed for more specialty and exotic colors.

Most poodle owners prefer the simpler Sporting Clip, in which the coat is shorn to follow the outline of the squarely built, smoothly muscled body. Whether Standard, Miniature, or Toy, and either black, white, or apricot, the Poodle stands proudly among dogdom’s true aristocrats. Beneath the curly, hypoallergenic coat is an elegant athlete and companion for all reasons and seasons. They do have a weaker bone structure than some other small breeds, but are still a tough little dog.

Your new puppy is going to become your best friend, close companion, a member of the family. That is why we treat them the same way you are going to treat them. We love to spoil our puppies with love to ensure they will have an easy transition to living in their new forever homes.